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Swab Testing

In order to make the procedure as simple and practical as possible, we send you the Swab Kits by post.

You can return them by Post/Courier or deliver to us or we can also safely provide site attendance to undertake the sampling for you.

You will then receive the final reports within 5 working days.

Full sampling instructions will be provided with the swabs. Once you return them back to us, the swabs are then analysed for SARS-CoV-2 in UKAS accredited laboratories.

PCR Swabs

We can provide suitable PCR swabs which can be used on:

  • SHARED CONTACT AREAS - sales/reception counters, door handles, light switches, keyboards, shopping trolleys etc.
  • FOOD PREPERATION - prep areas & equipment such as Raw meat & vegetable preparation areas, Utensils etc.
  • ASSEMBLY LINES - equipment, machinery, packaging materials, food production etc.
  • WORK PREMISES - lockers, canteens, medical bays, taps, restrooms etc.
  • COMMUNAL AREAS - service & hospitality sectors, restaurants, care homes/residential, leisure centers etc.
  • MEDICAL AREAS - respiratory masks, protective clothing, hospital equipment/furniture etc.

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