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Water Hygiene Products

Waterman Environmental Group have over 30 years of supplying water hygiene products, water treatment products and innovative biological treatments, through out UK and Ireland.
Rethink tomorrow, with our White Biotechnology Solutions today.


Waterman offer an extensive range of advanced, scientifically formulated water treatment products, specialty chemicals & water additives, manufactured to the highest international quality and environmental standards for guaranteed performance.

Waterman’s high performance chemical treatment products and specialty additives are used successfully around the world in many of the most demanding commercial, municipal and industrial process environments where they help to improve productivity, optimise performance and reduce equipment life-cycle costs.

We are proud to announce that we are now founding members of the CSCA (Closed System Control Association).


Waterman offer an extensive range of Innovative Solutions to Save Money & Energy for a Brighter, Safer & Efficient Future for Our Clients. We can provide these Innovative Solutions & Products through BIOCare Technologies and SOLmicroTEK™.

BIOCare Technologies provide your business with the latest developments in White Biotechnology and bring clean solutions directly to you to help you address your “Environmental Challenges”.

The development of the SOLmicroTEK™ remote system provides for the first time in the UK a piece of equipment that can assist in the on-going control and monitoring of microbiological fouling.