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Consultants have acquired extensive knowledge and skills through study and practice over years of experience

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Practical Advice & Solutions

Provide our clients with practicable advice & solutions to help improve their water systems


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Our Innovative Products​

Waterman offer an extensive range of Innovative Solutions to Save Money & Energy for a Brighter, Safer & Efficient Future for Our Clients. We can provide these Innovative Solutions & Products through BIOCare Technologies and SOL.

BIOCare Technologies provide your business with the latest developments in White Biotechnology and bring clean solutions directly to you to help you address your “Environmental Challenges”.

The development of the SOL remote system provides for the first time in the UK a piece of equipment that can assist in the on-going control and monitoring of microbiological fouling.


Biofilm Monitor | Water Quality Monitor | Ozone Generation Technology

SOLution Biofilm Monitor can:


Bio-Remediation | Industrial and Professional Cleaning | Industrial Degreasing | Oil Spill Treatment | Vehicle Wash Recycled Water Treatment | Waste Water Treatment | Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) | Septic Systems

BIOCare can provide:

How We Supply You With The Right Solution


Engage With Client

Waterman Environmental Services will organise a suitable date & time to carry out the Survey (Free of Charge).

Once date agreed, an industry specialist will attend site and carry out a fully detailed survey.

Waterman Employee at pipes@2x

Undertake Site Survey Assessment

The Specialist will undertake a detailed site survey of the water system in question.

The Specialist will:

  • Identify the quality of the supply water
  • Carry out a complete examination of the water systems for configuration, flow pattern, protection against contamination, materials of construction, fluids, conditions, temperature, size, consumption etc.
  • Review current control structure (if any in place)
  • Prior to leaving site, the Specialist will discuss potential solutions, including money & energy saving ideas


The report will include detailed practicable recommendations that will cover all aspects of how the system should be controlled.

These recommendations will also detail what Solution or Product is needed to potentially help our clients Save Money & Energy, while controlling their Environmental Impact.


Provide Total Innovative Solutions

Carry out all the work detailed within the Project Proposal ensuring a prompt, reliable and flexible service is delivered to our clients.

Help our Clients take control of their Water Systems.

We will also provide a Project Proposal document that will detail:

Project & Site Information
Potential Challenges
Scope of Works
Project Plan Timeline


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