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Control Schemes

The written scheme is separate to the Legionella risk assessment and is a legal requirement identified by the Health & Safety Executive in their ACoP L8 (Fourth edition) Legionnaires’ disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems.

A Control Scheme for Legionella is a comprehensive Legionella risk management document that clearly identifies those measures required to control the risks from exposure to Legionella bacteria, and how those measures are implemented and managed so that control over water systems is achieved and remains effective.

The written Control Scheme forms an essential risk management document that should be developed as a practical tool to be used by all parties involved in the Legionella control process.

Our Waterman Consultants can create site-specific Control Schemes for all types of water systems & services to help you comply with ACoP L8 (Fourth edition).

Who Needs a Control Scheme?

If a risk of exposure to Legionella is identified, you must introduce proper controls. Risks from legionella in water systems can be controlled but careful planning, a successful management policy, competent staff and attention to proper control strategies are all essential in preparing a written scheme which sets out how you intend to control the risk from legionella.

The written scheme should include, where appropriate, and with reference to the risk assessment & asset register:

Water Safety Plan

A Water Safety Plan (WSP) is a risk-management approach to the safety of water that establishes good practices in local water distribution and supply within a Healthcare Organisation. It will identify potential hazards, consider practical aspects, and detail appropriate control measures.

The content of a WSP will depend on the size and complexity of the healthcare organisation’s water system. The plan will include governance arrangements related to the management of water safety.

WSPs include the need to:

These are in depth plans that will help you maintain a safe water system and comply with HTM 00 & HTM 04-01.

What should be included?

With respect to physical, chemical and microbiological hazards, the WSP should incorporate various procedures & processes, such as:

How We can Help

Our Authorising Engineers & Consultants can create highly detailed Water Safety Plans and/or Written Schemes for all types of water systems & services, bespoke to your business requirements (e.g. matching to company design, policies etc.).

By Waterman carrying these out, it will:

Waterman Environmental Services written schemes of control are developed and implemented utilising the following legislation, codes of practice and guidance

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