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Legionella Risk Assessment

It’s a Legal Duty to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment. Waterman Environmental Services can help you to assess and manage these risks and ensure that you comply with all legal requirements. Our Legionella Risk Assessments:

Water Hygiene Risk Assessment

In addition to our Legionella Risk Assessment, our Water Hygiene Risk Assessment covers all water hygiene risks. This includes:

We can also provide Risk Assessments that comply with Health Technical Memorandum HTM 04-01.

Our Risk Assessments

All of our Risk Assessments are:

We can carry out Risk Assessments on all types of water systems such as:

Complete System Review


Risks created by incorrect:


How to rectify these issues:


How to review the controls:

Our Legionella Risk Assessment Process

Legionella Risk Assessment Process - Engage with client

Engagement With Client

Waterman Environmental Services will organise a suitable date & time to carry out the Risk Assessment. Once agreed an experienced qualified Consultant will attend site and carry out a fully detailed compliant Risk Assessment and discuss current issues and solutions, including money & energy saving ideas.

Water Hygiene Risk Assessments Site Survey Assessment

Undertake Site Survey Assessement

City and Guilds trained Legionella Risk Assessors / Consultants will undertake a detailed site survey of all water associated assets, operating the Waterman online Risk Assessment Software (Watermanage).

Watermanage is an internet based risk assessment tool providing each client with a document that will assist them in complying with appropriate legislative requirements and best practice techniques to ACoP L8 (Fourth edition), HSG274, BS 8580-1:2019, HTM 04-01 etc.

The Consultant will:

  • Identify the quality of the supply water
  • Carry out an examination of the hot & cold water systems (including tanks) for configuration, flow pattern, protection against contamination, materials of construction, condition, temperature, size in comparison to water consumption and cleanliness or contamination
  • Identify population susceptibility
  • Review management control structure, that includes identification of roles and responsibilities and the competence of those associated with risk management, including training records
  • Prior to leaving site, the Consultant will discuss findings with the appropriate personnel, including issues identified and practicable / reasonable solutions
Legionella Risk Assessments Process Recommendations


The Risk Assessment report will include practicable recommendations of remedial actions for controlling legionella and other waterborne pathogens and identify who will undertake the actions.

These remedial actions will detail all specifics (locations, pipe sizes etc.) to help the responsible person rectify the issues efficiently and effectively. Each remedial recommendation will have a corresponding picture beside it that identifies the issue for ease of reading.

Management personnel, structure and processes will be reviewed and any recommendations made will be listed in simple bullet point format with all relevant details listed, for ease of reading.

Actions will be prioritised with risk ratings and a review date set for determining completion of each task.

Legionella Risk Assessment Report

Risk Assessment Report

The Risk Assessment report will include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Water System information
  • Risk evaluation
  • Photographic evidence of all major assets
  • Asset Register all associated plant, pumps, strainers and other relevant items
  • Management Structure information
  • Remedial & Cyclical Recommendations
  • Temperature Regime
  • Schematic Drawings if requested, including Auto CAD
  • Remedial work recommendations
  • Legionella & microbiological analysis (where appropriate)
Legionella Risk Assessment Process Schematics


Our risk assessments can include highly detailed schematics that show all parts of the systems, including isolation valves, strainers etc.These schematics can be CAD format or basic line drawings.

We can review and edit the As- Fitted/Built Drawings for water systems or create new ones if required.

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