Corrective Remedial’s

Expert Knowledge

Our water hygiene remedial teams have acquired extensive knowledge and skills through study and practice over years of experience.

High Quality Standard

Our water hygiene remedial team only use the highest quality products from the Water Research Centre (WRC) approved list, carrying a stock of the most commonly used products with complete range of fittings held at satellite locations across the country.

Practical Advice & Solutions

Provide our clients with practicable advice and solutions to help maintain and improve their water systems.


Certified and competent team who work to a high set of standards.

Corrective Remedials

You may need to upgrade, repair or replace parts of your water systems. Our highly qualified Engineers / Plumbers can carry out any modifications and renovations needed to the water systems. We can also carry out cleaning & disinfection procedures and commissioning & de-commissioning services. Remedial works may be necessary in order to ensure regulatory compliance with current legislation, regulation & guidance (L8 Fourth edition, HSG274, HTM 04-01 etc.).

Remedial Survey

Our team of experts can also produce site specific reports recommending any remedial works required to the water systems that will reduce the risk of:

Waterman can provide a comprehensive inclusive service which meet the current Water Supply Regulation’s ensuring you are managing your water systems to the highest standards.

Qualified RPZ Valve Testers

What are RPZ valves?

Why are RPZ valves installed?

RPZ valves Commissioning & Maintenance

Waterman Environmental Services have approved RPZ Valve Testers who can:

Corrective Remedials Process

Water Hygiene Corrective Remedials Comprehensive Survey

Conduct A Comprehensive Survey

Waterman Environmental Services will organise a suitable date and time to carry out the Survey. Once agreed an experienced qualified Consultant will attend site and carry out a fully detailed site survey and discuss current issues and solutions, including money and energy saving ideas.

Water Hygiene Corrective Remedials Produce a Schedule

Produce A Schedule Of Works

The Consultant will produce a schedule of works package for specialised maintenance requirements such as remedial works and water system upgrades or replacement.

copper pipes and fittings for carrying out plumbing work.

Complete The Schedule Of Works

Remedial works carried out includes: system clean and disinfection, temperature corrections, water heater replacement/installation, pipework modifications, TMV installation/servicing, insulation of pipework, cold water storage tank replacement, RPZ Valve Installation & Commissioning to name a few.

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