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Our certified and competent Engineers have acquired extensive knowledge and skills through study and practice over years of experience.


Cooling towers by design can suffer from fouling.

There is a potential of atmospheric and process contamination, bacterial issues along with scale and corrosion fouling.

HSG274 part 1 now offers a very clear guide on system inspections and cleaning and it is important to recognise that certain types of fouling may be an indication of a failing of the chemical treatment regime.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

The methods employed to clean cooling towers must be chosen with care. High pressure jetting for example will generate a high volume of aerosol and may provide a method of distribution for any bacteria within the system.

Waterman Environmental Services can carry out this important part of the control regime either as an individual task or as part of an overall control scheme. Either way we can give you the confidence that your cleaning and inspections are being completed in an effective and safe manner and we will provide you with the results required to demonstrate compliance.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Waterman Environmental Services can carry all monitoring & maintenance tasks required to adequately maintain a Cooling System. These tasks include:

Cleaning & Disinfection Services


Removal of:


Eradicate the growth of:


Full commissioning of systems by:

Why Our Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Why is cleaning required - water hygiene disinfections and cleaning

Why is it Required?

Cleaning, de-scaling & disinfection of water systems will help to minimise the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria.
It’s a fundamental component of controlling Legionella bacteria and should be a central part of a suitable and sufficient management system to comply with legislation & regulations.
It’s a Legal Duty. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act an employer, or a person in control of a premises are responsible for health & safety and need to take the right precautions to reduce the risks of exposure to legionella or other waterborne bacteria.

Why Use Waterman

Why use Waterman?

Our certified & competent Engineers have acquired extensive knowledge & skills through study & practice over years of experience.
Our Engineers routinely disinfect all types of hot & cold water systems by various methods, such as:

We have over 30 years of leading industry experience through our Waterman Environmental Group in providing total Water Hygiene control (e.g. Legionella, Pseudomonas, Backflow Protection), Water Treatment Management, and other Environmental Solutions to a wide spectrum of clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the UK & Ireland.

Waterman Environmental Services are LCA accredited and we hold LRQA management systems covering Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety systems of work which ensures that whatever service we provide it is of a consistently high standard and is audited on a continuous basis.


Why Our Services?


Our integrated compliance Online Monitoring System enables you to manage multiple assets from anywhere via web or mobile. Complete inspection tests, update information, raise non-compliances and report all within the app for a full audit trail and quick action management for full compliance.

Online Monitoring System

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Lists and illustrates each number of jobs to be completed in the calendar month.

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Number of non-compliant jobs actioned and closed off.

1,2,3 Repeat Failures

Assets that have repeatedly failed on 1, 2 or 3 consecutive visits.

Completed Jobs

Number of jobs completed in the calendar month.

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Number of jobs completed on time as per schedule.

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Displays the top ten sites with the largest number of non-conformities.

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