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Recycled Water Systems

Waterman can provide Innovation Solutions & Products to Recycled Water Systems (such as Vehicle Wash Systems, Rain Water Harvesting Systems) to help our clients:

We provide:

We provide:

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Vehicle Wash

Vehicle wash systems include:

They fall into two categories with regard to water usage:

It is claimed that those in which water is recycled may reclaim up to 95% of the water, but only if the correct technology & disinfection processes are implemented.

Waterman can help maintain these systems to compliant standards while helping our clients save money & energy.

Rain Water Systems

Rainwater Harvesting Systems collect and store rainwater for human use (e.g. flushing water for urinals & water cisterns). Rainwater harvesting systems range from simple rain barrels to more elaborate structures with pumps, tanks, and purification systems.

These systems are usually installed to help sites save money on water bills; however, the majority of the time this isn’t the case, due to inadequate treatment in place, including inadequate chemicals used.

At Waterman we can help you monitor & maintain these systems by supplying innovative products (White Biotechnology – Good Bacteria) and implementing a complete monitoring & maintenance programme.

Process Systems

Waterman provide all types of Innovation Products & Solutions for various Process Water Systems.

We design and manufacture some of the most technically advanced industrial and professional cleaning products currently available, surpassing the cleaning ability of conventional technologies. 

We have also built strong networks and relationships with some of the most inventive R&D and manufacturing partners each with their own specialisms. By working with our partners, we can access their technologies and offer fully rounded solutions to our own clients.


The recycled water system by its very design will be prone to contamination by a number of fouling factors, including biological, inorganic and organic materials. A full risk assessment covering all of these elements must be undertaken, including COSHH assessment. This assessment should then list all relevant precautions, procedures and operational measures required to minimise the contact of wash water onto the exposed skin of employees, visitors, sub-contractors or members of the general public.

Due to mounting environmental concerns, the use of wastewater treatment and reclaim systems is becoming more prevalent.

Waterman Environmental Services have made a unique approach to the risk management & water treatment of wash water recycle systems and can now offer a Complete Package, that will not only control the risks identified within L8 (Fourth edition) / HSG274 but will also remove the odours experienced by many operators and extend the life of recycled water and their inherent requirement for sludge removal..

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